The latest PRB Model

A car to suit your road or motorsport dreams.

  PRB Widebody

PRB's latest model is an evolution of the PRB S2, which in later models used aluminum honeycomb to reinforce a traditional-style steel tube frame. The new chassis is 4 inches wider to accommodate taller and wider drivers, with a wider engine bay that fits modern emission-compliant engines and transmissions (engines currently catered for are the Mazda Duratec 2-litre and the S2000 Honda engine).

The new Widebody is a completely new design using new running gear and suspension geometry built specifically for race track performance. The new suspension has been designed by Peter Eppel, the suspension designer of PRB S2, S2 widetrack and PRB composite models. The new Widebody has an ultra-wide track for optimum on-track performance. The new upright design has allowed for long wishbones which provide a swing-axle length almost double that of the PRB S2, and allows precision positioning of roll centres.

Rear suspension is now exclusively independent and fully adjustable. The differential/LSD unit, halfshafts and uprights are sourced from a recent model Subaru and can be purchased brand new, or second hand units can be used from recent model cars. A wide range of ratios and LSD's are available.

Front suspension is a wide-track evolution of the PRB composite front suspension. It retains the outboard damper design of the S2 repositioned in a rising-rate configuration. Mazda MX5 uprights are used and are stronger and surprisingly lighter than alloy uprights that PRB have used in other models. The Mazda spindles use a sealed bearing cartridge providing a stronger, and much more accurate bearing than cup and cone bearings. They also retain clearances over the full range of operating temperatures.

The Widebody is sold only as a build-it-yourself kit for owner assembly, or if required assembly services will be provided by your PRB agent.

Due to a full Order Book, no new orders are currently being taken for the new Widebody. Please keep an eye on this website for inormation as to when, and in what form, the PRB Widebody will be re-launched.