Media Articles

Righteous Replicas
Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, August 14, 1999.

Fast Fun Days
Source: Courier Mail, Saturday April 4 1998.

Cock and Bull Go Racing
Source: Wheels, August 1997.

Cock and Bull Go Racing II
Source: Wheels, September 1997.

The next generation PRB - Racing improves the breed
Source: Autoaction 16 July 1998.

The motoring industries 50 most interesting people
Source: Motor, December 1997, p84.

Budget Barnstormers
Source: Motor, September 1992, p58.

Kit Cars Unlimited
Source: Sports Car World, Summer 90/91, p104.

PRB Clubman - Keeping the Dream Alive
Source: Australian Classic Car, Autumn 1996, p65.

Brute in a Box
Source: Playboy Australia, August 1997, p96.

PRB Clubman
Source: Fast Fours & Rotaries, November 1993, p128.