40 Years of PRB at the 2018 Tasman Revival

PRB celebrates 40 years of producing Australia’s favourite clubman sports car at

Sydney Motorsport Park December 1st and 2nd


PRB Highlights at Sydney Motor Sports Park



1995 -12  Hour Production Car Race – 1st in Class, 10th Outright


1996 -Six Hour Relay Race – 1st Outright


1997 - Six Hour Relay Race – 2nd & 3rd Outright


1998 - Six Hour Relay Race – 2nd, 3rd & 4th Outright


1999 - Six Hour Relay Race – 4th, 7th & 9th Outright


2000 - Six Hour Relay Race – 1st Outright


2001 - Six Hour Relay Race – 1st & 2nd Outright



The HSRCA Tasman Revival is one of the great historic racing events of the year. Look forward to a full weekend of great historic racing cars and memories made even better by the chance to catch up with Peter Bladwell and many past and present PRB buddies.

PRB celebrations at the 2018 Tasman Revival will include;

·         Two day Supersprint

·         Regularity

·         PRB display area in the pits - Saturday

·         Six PRB's on display adjacent to the dummy grid - Saturday and Sunday

·         Lunch time PRB display laps - Sunday (programme permitting)


Already, six PRBs have confirmed entries for the Supersprint - Malcolm Lee and Kane Cruse will make the journey from Tasmania (what Enthusiasm!) while PRB Race Series regulars John Moyes, Ivan Srejber and Chris Barry and  supersprinter/hillclimber, Paul Finch have also entered. All past and present competitors are encouraged and welcome to enter.

The likely format will be one qualifying session to establish lap times followed by four six lap sprints.



You can also enter regularity instead of the Supersprint. This event requires consistent lap times and is harder than you think - timing devices are not allowed for this event. There is a (low) limit to to lap times, so outright speed is not required.


You could even enter both events if you are looking for a busy weekend!


Display Laps

No helmets will be required for the display laps


More Information

If you need any more information on “Forty Years of PRB” or help to organize an entry for the speed events, please contact Peter Bladwell on 0467 671 044






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