PRB Widebody


PRB Australia has currently closed the Widebody Order Book, and is currently not constructing kits.


Late in 2005, PRB was offering 2 distinct models - the PRB "Composite" and the PRB "Birkin S3". The former car was fully constructed in the PRB Greenacre factory, and was generally recognised as the most sophisticated clubman vehicle in the country (see separate link on this website). Complex production techniques needed meant that there was a 2-year waiting list for a Composite car, which for many buyers was just too long.

The Birkin S3 came from South Africa, with PRB providing many local parts, and was available on a much shorter delivery cycle; as such, it outsold the Composite about 5 to 1.

Both cars closely followed the dimensions of earlier Lotus 7 replicas, meaning that quite a high proportion of potential owners found them cramped. PRB recognised the need for a larger car, but with none in sight from Birkin Peter Bladwell decided to design and build a new larger model himself, hence the Widebody (imaginative name, is it not?). And here is a finished car!

Features of the PRB Widebody

All of PRBs 25-plus years of history in building great clubbies, and especially the lessons learned, have been put into our new car. Peter Bladwell wanted to produce a car that everyone could fit in comfortably, and drive in a relaxed fashion.So what is important?

The photo above shows the widebody stance of the new PRB, and the rear diffuser

The Widebody is available in kit form, with a fully-clad chassis and all panels; in addition, the base kit has the fuel tank installed, and the pedal box, the steering rack and steering column also in place. Or if you prefer PRB agents can assist with part or all of the assembly process.

The final photo shows one of the trim options, please check the order form on this site for what is available and what is coming.


Specifications table

Construction Aluminium clad steel spaceframe, chassis powdercoated, use of aluminium composite material to strengthen chassis.

CAMS approved roll cage

Front suspension

Aero tube double wishbone suspension with outboard spring/damper units. Adjustable for camber, caster, toe-in and roll centres. Fully rose jointed with stainless steel or chrome-moly teflon lined aircraft grade bearings. Adjustable inboard roll bar. Quick action 2.25 turn steering rack. AVO adjustable dampers

Mazda MX5 uprights and brakes, or optional 4-pot outlaw calipers

Rear suspension

Aero tube double wishbone independent suspension. Adjustable camber, toe-in and roll centres. Fully rose jointed with stainless steel or chrome-moly teflon lined aircraft grade bearings. AVO adjustable dampers

Subaru differential, uprights and brakes

Brakes Four wheel disc brakes. Vented front discs.

Tilton pedal box with bias bar adjustment

Bodywork Lightweight kevlar/fibreglass nose, scuttle, front and rear guards, rear diffuser. Aluminium bonnet. 

Future option: carbon fibre panels throughout

Instrumentation Mazda Duratec engine - classic round instruments. Speedometer, tachometer, water temp, oil pressure, fuel level and voltage.

Honda S2000 engine - cutout for S2000 instrument cluster plus classic round instruments , oil pressure and water temp

Optional: Motec digital dashboard with lap beacon

Engines Mazda Duratec 2000cc with standard ECU 140bhp

Honda S2000 with standard ECU 245bhp

Transmission Duratec engine - 5 speed Ford Type 9 gearbox synchro

Honda engine - Honda S2000 6-speed close ratio synchro


Factory options

Motec Dashboard

(Race cars only)

Motec digital dashboard. Bar graph tachometer, gear detection, speedometer, odometer and programmable warning system. Includes data logging and analysis software. User programmable for an extensive range of functions. Can be upgraded with lap timing beacon and car to pits telemetry
Koni dampers Koni double adjustable (bump and rebound) dampers

Allows for precise tuning of dampers to suit circuit conditions and driving style.

Supplied with EIBACH race springs.

Model comparison

Widebody Roadster model
Widebody Circuit racer model
Bodywork and fittings Road trim bodywork with
  • laminated windscreen with electrical demisting
  • 3 wipers
  • 3 mirrors
  • Headlights, indicators, reversing lights, rear clusters, numberplate frame light
  • CAMS approved rollcage with optional front brace
Race trim bodywork with
  • low profile wind deflector
  • 3 race mirrors
  • headlights, indicators and rear light clusters
  • CAMS approved rollcage with front brace
  • Rear air diffuser
  • Leather or vinyl trimmed seats
  • Fibreglass transmission tunnel
  • retractable seatbelts (2)
  • Tonneau, hood, sidescreens, headrests available
  • Race bucket seat (driver only)
  • Fibreglass transmission tunnel
  • 6 point race harness (driver only)
  • Tonneau and drivers headrest
Suspension  Road tuned suspension with AVO adjustable shock absorbers Race tuned suspension with AVO adjustable shock absorbers (Koni double adjustable dampers optional)
  • Mazda Duratec twin cam 2000cc with Ford Type 9 5-speed gearbox. Standard ECU.
  • Honda S2000 with 6-speed gearbox, standard ECU
  • ADR approved exhaust – 4:2:1 stainless headers, catalytic convertor, muffler, headshield and tailpipe
  • Mazda Duratec twin cam 2000cc with Ford Type 9 5-speed gearbox. Motec ECU optional
  • Honda S2000 with 6-speed gearbox
  • Subaru WRX limited slip differential
  • Heavy duty clutch and lightened flywheel
  • Race exhaust. 4:2:1 stainless headers with 2.25" side exit muffler
Brakes Four wheel disc brakes. Ventilated front discs. ADR approved stainless steel braided brake lines Four wheel disc brakes. Ventilated front discs. ADR approved stainless steel braided brake lines. 

Heavy duty carbon metallic brake pads.

Wheels and tyres Four (4) 15x7" superlight wheels with Yokohama "R" tyres Four (4) 13x8" superlight wheels with Avon ACB10 225/45/13 tyres